Accounting Jobs Resources

Finding a job in accounting – or any job for that matter – gets easier when you have the right resources. In the following links you will find some useful information about accounting education, the accounting community, and accounting job search engines – make a point to check back with these sites regularly for new listings.

Accounting Major Tips – this site covers the basics of getting an accounting degree and offers professional advice.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ( )
-a well-established accounting association since 1887, providing accounting resources and information for CPAs. Serves as a clearinghouse for licensure information, advocacy information, community, and national standards/policies. Bookmark this site for future reference.

Careers in Accounting ( – a vast collection of articles about the different types of accounting jobs and how to get them. This website also provides a searchable listing of accounting job postings.

Accounting Jobs Today ( – offers an accounting job board and searchable job database, as well as some helpful articles. This site features an education section where you can search for an accounting school or continuing education program. ( – a comprehensive site that offers accounting job search, online social networking through discussion groups, and other resources, including a listing of state government agencies and national/international accounting associations.

Smart Pros ( – comprehensive database of accounting information, including job search, information about professional education, current accounting news and policy changes, and articles broken down by accounting type and level.