Accounting Jobs Search Tips

Whether you’re searching for an accounting job online or with a newspaper and red pen, you can take a few steps to maximize your results.

Know what you want and need. Entry-level and mid-level jobs provide an opportunity to learn more about the business and make contacts that will come in handy later on. But take a minute to assess your job needs – are you willing to travel? Do you want to climb the ladder or are you happy to stay at mid-level? Which type of accounting do you prefer? Do you like to work independently or as part of a team?

Talk it over with your family. Some accounting jobs, especially those in upper management, can require quite a bit of time and energy. If you’re willing to sacrifice some family and personal time, the compensation could be worth your effort. That might not be an option for you – you might want to spend more time with your family and less time pursuing the higher-level accounting job. If you have a spouse and/or children you may want to include them in your decision.

Use the process of elimination. In the current job market you will find an abundance of accounting positions, but not every one of them will fit your needs. Immediately cross out the ones that don’t fit your training or lifestyle.

Develop a winning resume. Once you narrow down your accounting job search, you need a fabulous resume to send out. Make sure to include all relevant education, certifications, awards, memberships, and of course – past titles with references. Finally, it’s a good idea to have someone proofread your resume.

Follow up on any job leads. After you send the resume with a cover letter or email, don’t just assume everything got to the right desk. A quick call or email to thank your contact for the opportunity and to draw their attention to your file will do wonders for your job search.