How To Find Accounting Jobs

Check the local classifieds for entry-level positions. Make some time to pick up several local newspapers and browse the classifieds for accounting jobs. You probably won’t find jobs from the highest levels, but companies frequently post their entry-level accounting jobs in newspapers, and entry-level jobs are a great way to learn more about accounting and make helpful contacts for the future. You should pick up several newspapers, including your major metro paper and the surrounding suburban papers.

Visit online search engines regularly. You can also find entry-level and mid-level accounting jobs online through major job search engines like or, as well as through accounting-specific search engines. Once you find a possible job opening, make a point to research the company through other sources before you apply. These sites update frequently, so check back with them on a regular basis for new job openings.

Know your local companies. The perfect job may be right down your street! In the world of online job searches, it can be easy to forget about the companies in your own backyard. Keep your eyes open for private accounting firms or CPAs in the area. Large companies in other fields of work may also have a need for accountants. Submit your resume to local companies even if they don’t have any current openings – you never know when they will have a sudden vacancy and check their files for resumes to fill the job.

Decide if you want to relocate. If the local accounting job market isn’t working out for you, or if it doesn’t offer the potential for career growth you would like – it may be time to consider relocating. Large metropolitan areas offer the highest density of accounting jobs with potential for growth. Not only will you find public and private accounting firms, but you will also come across government offices and mega-corporations with entire accounting departments in the downtown area.

Check with your alumni association. Your alma mater may have a list of companies that want to hire their graduates. You also could check back with some of your accounting classmates and professors, because you never know when they might have inside information or connections to find the right accounting job for you.